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Air ticketing course provide comprehensive knowledge about the aviation industry, including airline operations, ticketing procedures, and reservation systems. This knowledge is valuable for anyone looking to work in travel agencies, airlines, or related businesses.

Air ticketing course typically focus on developing practical skills such as using computerized reservation systems, understanding fare structures, and processing bookings. These skills are essential for working in roles like ticketing agents or travel consultants.

Identify the parts of a journey.

Match cities and countries with IATA Traffic Conference areas and sub-areas.

Identify the global indicator for the routing flown.

Quote specified routing fares and select the best fares.

Convert and round currencies.

Price one way, round, and circle trips using normal fares.

Interpret electronic ticket (e-ticket) data elements.

Collect applicable taxes, fees, and charges.

Calculate child and infant fares.

How to use the software.

GDS format.

Governing carrier/fare selection criteria.

Currency rounding rule.

Class of service codes.

Fare basis codes.

The three general limitations on indirect travel.

Global indicators.

Journey global indicators.

Iata areas.

Minimum fare rule checks.

Air Ticketing course